Announcing our Soft Launch on August 1, 2020

Announcing our Soft Launch on August 1, 2020

Here at Disclosure Engine, we’ve been exploring the ecosystem for decentralized disclosure for nearly a decade. After years of steady progress, we’ve decided to go public with a series of advanced network technologies available to the public through our partners in other ecosystems. We draw from insights in the consciousness, health and wellness, and technology innovation communities.

While we are inspired by the work of famous disclosure advocates like Steven Greer, we recognize as well the limitations of being overly public with your message in such a censored space. For that reason, please assume everything here is a limited hangout.

Take a moment and learn about our mission, values, and principles.

Our Mission

Develop business and technology systems for disclosure in the American grassroots movement.

Our Values

Diversity and Inclusion From Day One

One of the biggest issues with the modern disclosure community is the overwhelming racial homogeneity and cultural and cognitive biases of the community. We believe in designing for diversity and inclusion from the start, and make major efforts to provide resources to decondition from the cultural biases of our home culture in the Silicon Valley and Hollywood perspectives. We encourage all facilitators and members to form close ties with local and national movements that focus on human rights and diverse perspectives, and actively seek alternate perspectives outside the racially homogenous disclosure communities. We encourage advocates to use their personal resources to travel to other continents and cultures, to further their own cultural literacy in the global community, and to return home with fresh insight into the American strengths and weaknesses.

Our Principles

We are Ecosystem Systems Integrators

We believe that many ecosystems are lurking beneath the surface of popular consciousness, ready to grow disclosure into a mainstream global movement. We don’t reinvent the wheel, by creating new content or thought leaders, but instead focus on simply presenting and packaging what already works to the broader disclosure and mainstream communities.

Validated Evidence-Based Approach

We endeavor to present validated, science-based approach, and avoid conspiracy theories and rumor mills. We’ve been in the community for nearly a decade, and understand the biases and culture blindness of many people to the corporate and economic agendas of many thought leaders and organizations in the disclosure community. We tend to avoid content which has been pastiched or lampooned in the mainstream’s media (New York Times newspaper, Vice online and social media, CNN television), and instead focus on long-tail keywords which exist “below the radar” of the mainstream and can be analyzed objectively.

No Conspiracy Theories, Period

This is so important we said it twice. Seriously.

Live in the Land of the Mysterious

We don’t make claims about whether disclosure is a threat to national security, or not. We don’t make claims about the existence of life outside of Earth, or claims about what’s possible with advanced space-age technology. Instead, we choose to live in the land of the mysterious.

We live at the edge of wonder.

We are Tour Guides, Not Experts

Drawing on the latest research in culture transformation, we take the stance that advocates are tour guides, not experts. Don’t be a thought leader. You don’t need a business model. Be who you are, and showcase the Disclosure Engine culture. We’ll help you with a free energy exchange of value.

We Speak in Cultural Touchstones

As a foundation, we use government-funded science, Hollywood media, and Silicon Valley technologies as cultural touchstones in a uniquely American-centric approach to disclosure advocacy, while welcoming outside cultures from around the world. We aim to create a common language outside of the surveillance capitalism censorship, using mainstream media and culture, without agreeing with the mainstream perspective.

Join Us in Saying Yes

Our parting words?

Don’t monetize disclosure. It ruined Contact in the Desert.

Say no to cults of personality, say yes to decentralized ecosystems.


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